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Off Roading in a Hummer

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Off Roading in a Hummer , Orlando, FL

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The most fun in off road driving that you can get. A totally different experience racing from sports car driving, with more power, more noise and more variety and most importantly more fun. Admiring the magnificent machines before you dirty them up by taking them on a muddy filled journey. The hummer 4x4 is simple enough to drive; with the 4 wheels working together to give you heaps more power and control through the various gullies, water traps and hills. An off road course meaning the freedom is yours to explore and no other cars or vehicles to watch out for. Nothing can compare or prepare you for this off road adventure. You can be driven by an instructor to experience the thrill of an expert driver or take ultimate control and put yourself in the hot seat.

Feel the rush of a 4X4 off road track by driving over dunes, speeding through turns, and going through water and mud which will leave you breathless. 

This fleet of H1 Hummers off-road vehicles is the biggest available in any off roading park in the United States. One of the instructors will always be at hand to help you choose the off roading vehicle that better suits you and your companions. It is safe, fun, and close to your major Orlando destinations!


  • 1 hour


  • Please check with the company for guidance on anyone under the age of 21.
  • Driver license is required, if driving the hummer.


  • The fleet includes 12 H1 Hummers, fully customized for your off roading experience.
  • The park features a variety of off road tracks for any level of experience.
  •  All the rides include a fully trained driver and safety restraint systems.
  • Choose to go for a day of family fun, or for a true test of your off road driving skills.
  • You can choose your ride from high speed, ultra high performance, or transporter type Hummers.

What should I wear?
You can wear flip-flops during the experience. It is recommended to wear clothing you wouldn't mind getting dirty and bring and extra pair of shoes to wear after your experience. 

Are spectators allowed?
Sometimes, they will have to be kept at a safe distance.

Do I need previous experience in driving Hummers?
No, all training is given.

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