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Learn to Belly Dance

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Learn to Belly Dance, Jacksonville, FL

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A dance designed for women from all walks of life. A quick and joyous way to find one's inner power, beauty and femininity. Learn the history of the dance as you get to interact with different cultures through exploring their music, rhythm and way of life. A way to enhance your creativity and self-expression.

You will learn all of the necessary core movements, isolations, and basic traveling steps while becoming familiar with belly dance music and culture.

You will hone your isolation technique and learn variations of basic movements and travel steps. You will be further introduced to Belly Dance music by learning to identify a few of the main Middle Eastern Rhythms.

These classes are designed to expand your belly dance repertoire. You will improve your musicality and add variety to your dancing. You´ll  be introduced to basic finger cymbal (zills or sagats) patterns and rhythm and  perfect all of the isolations and begin to layer, alternate, and travel with movements.


  • 10 class gift certificate (valid for 3 months)


  • 1 hour long classes

Classes Held:

  • Wednesdays - 7:00PM - 9:00pm
  • Saturdays11:00AM - 12:00pm

For Price: 10 class gift card (valid for 3 months)

More Info:

  • As of now, classes are open to all ages 13 years of age and older. All students are in the same dance area.
  • Kids classes are on Saturday mornings.​
  • Wear comfortable, belly showing clothing if you wish! 

Do I have to have any prior experience to join the class?
Belly dancing is based on natural body movements. Of course, as anything new it is not by any means "easy". Isolating movements throughout the body is very important to learn, and once you get more advanced you learn to layer the moves. But, don't think you cannot learn because you have never danced before. Let this be your chance to bring out the dancing goddess in you.

Where does Belly Dance come from?
The exact origin of belly dancing is unknown. Although, there is more historical evidence to support that belly dancing originated as a fertility dance; symbolizing a woman's peak fertility as well as the movements used to ease childbirth. There are several techniques and styles of belly dancing, associated to different regions of the world. 

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