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Aerial Yoga Experience

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Aerial Yoga Experience, Orlando, FL

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Aerial yoga allows you to use drape like materials to contort and align people’s bodies into different positions. A combination of yoga, dance and gymnastics in one. Ensuring that there is something for everyone to see and it creates a varied, vibrant and highly entertaining show. Set in a performance theatre with world class athletes, who’s expert skills and abilities combine to put on an outstanding experience that will have you speachless. This experience is taking people by storm; drop in for a taste of the action to see for yourself.

It is full of high-energy, great music, powerful effects and astounding displays of athletic talents.


  • $50.00 p/p


  • 2 hours of Fitness (Ariel Yoga)


  •  Double Bungee
  •  Wall Walking from 40 Feet in Mid-air
  •  AntiGravity Boots
  • Aerial Acts Featuring Silk Hammocks, Lyra and Straps
  • Carousel, Our Aerial Chandelier Act
  • Hand Balancing Duo
  • Aerial Cube
  • Counterweight Umbrellas
  • Chinese Poles
  • Anti-Gravatron, Our Newest Spinning Creation
  • Cyr Wheel
  • Trampoline Wall

What to Wear:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move freely and stretch wide.

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