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The Explorer's Family Safari

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The Explorer's Family Safari, Malibu, CA

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A great family day out to saddle rock, for an exemplary safari adventure that will rock you and your family’s world. It truly has something for everyone, heaps of exciting and varied animals to see, which will get the children all excited and entertain the adults too. Fun snacks are provided to keep hunger at bay and the energy levels high. Some delicious sparkling cider for the adults along with the opportunity to sample some of the finest wines coming from the local vineyards.  The collection of animals, scenery and refreshments makes a great overall experience for the whole family to revel in and take away the fondest memories of their safari adventure, for years to come.

Meet three of the favorite zebras: Timon, Pumba and Rafiki. The buffalo family, along with some other friends, including alpacas, yaks, llamas and the lovable ginger mop-tops, the Spanish highland cattle. Visit Saddlerock’s most picturesque views of the Conejo Valley and continue on to the filming locations of several famous movies.

The Explorer Family Safari is the perfect outing to entertain the whole family while sampling the best that local vineyards have to offer!


  • 75-100 minutes long


  • Dates and times may vary. Please check availabilty at the time of booking. 

What to Wear: 

  • Casual comfortable clothing is best.

What’s included:

  • Wine tasting
  • Tapenades
  • Pesto and crackers
  • The Safari Vehicle

* You must be 21 years of age in order to drink wine.


When do you offer safaris?
They offer safari packages seven days a week, including holidays.

Are there seatbelts on the safari vehicle?
Yes, safety is always the highest priority. Each vehicle is out-fitted with seatbelts for every seat, along with many other features that help make the tours the safest and most fun around.

What things will we see?
Everything from bison to zebras and lots of cool history about Saddlerock. 

Can you drink wine on the excursion?
While they are driving the guests cannot drink wine. They have learned that bumpy roads and wine glasses do not always play well together. But... they do stop and taste some of the fabulous Malibu Family Wines along the tour.

Is food served on the excursion?
Small snacks are provided to keep you comfortable on the excursion.

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