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Custom Body Painting

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Custom Body Painting, Las Vegas NV

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If you like tattoos this art will fascinate you. This is called body painting and it is another form of body art. Different from tattoo, body painting is temporary and it is painted onto the human skin. This art is also referred to a form of temporary tattoo. It will last for several hours. It could be done in a large scale or full-body painting. The artist specializes in painting you up to be a Fine Art Masterpiece!

After your body painting session you will be the model in a fun and professional photo-shoot.

Starting off with an initial discussion between you and the graffiti artist on your artwork will start the process. This will be made in a personal meeting. Professional hair styling can also be arranged upon the body art requested. After your body painting you will be taken to a professional photo shoot, you will be asked back to the studio for viewing of the artwork.


  • Available to entire US with condition that customer agrees to pay for travel expenses (flight+hotel).

Other Details:

  • One of the world’s best and renowned in the industry.
  • The graffiti artist was featured as a star in a TV show called Naked Vegas on SyFy network also on an episode of Face Off last year.

Do I have to be nude?
You will not be totally nude. You would be topless with a nude colored seamless thong underwear on that can be painted over easily. This will be provided by the artist. You will also be provided with nipple covers if you will be in public wearing your painting afterwards.

Can I bring a friend with me to the photo shoot or painting?
You can bring a friend/guest with you to the painting provided they are understanding of the time and energy it takes to make this happen and does not cause any kind of disturbance. If guest causes a disturbance artist holds the right to ask guest to leave the painting area.

How long does it take for body painting? 
Depending on the artwork chosen and coverage area, a body paint session could take 1 hour or several hours. A simple one-color, design could be done in a snap, whereas a full-body, very detailed design could take anywhere from 4-6 hours and sometimes longer if it is really extensive full body artwork. It takes plenty of patience however we do stop for short breaks frequently and whenever needed.

Will the paint rub off?
We use cinema-quality, professional body paint that won’t flake, crack, rub off, or smear. It only takes a few minutes to dry, and once dry, you can touch it, hug people, and even throw on light, soft clothing over it.

How long does the paint stay on?
If you follow our directions and your skin is free of lotion or oil, the paint should last all day/night. However, all skin types are different, and the paint does need to be treated with relative care.

Is it hard to remove the body paint?
Everyone who is body painted receives a removal kit (rubbing alcohol and baby oil) and detailed, written instructions.

What kind of paint do you use?
Only the highest-quality, professional grade body paint that’s safe for skin and non-toxic. Depending on the needs of the job, we’ll use a water-based paint. The water-based paint comes off very easily with soap and water. Water-based paint is always our choice for children and pregnant women. Alcohol-based paint is preferred for event models, performers, and go-go dancers.

 What’s included in the photography package?
We will email you the unedited pictures from the photoshoot in small digital files (5″ 7″ at 72 dpi — perfect size for web use). You choose your three (3) favorites, and then we edit and retouch those to make them perfect. We will email you the final, edited three pictures at full-size high-resolution to print if you wish. Additional high-resolution choices may be added for $50 each.

What do I need to do on the day of body painting?
Ladies come with shaved skin, men with trimmed body hair, and NO OIL OR LOTION on your body. This is very important as it will affect the paint’s adhesion!

 Where will we paint?
Since the artist will be travelling to you to paint you wherever you choose it is up to you to provide the place to get your bodypainting done. Usually a hotel room works perfect as an impromptu studio having everything needed to complete the work i.e. Tables, chairs, shower, etc. If you want your photo shoot to take place in a specific location of the painting space it is up to you to secure location permissions if needed and must be discussed with artist prior to painting date.

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