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A Harley Davidson Getaway

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A Harley Davidson Getaway, Hollywood, FL

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The Great American Adventure! Ride a Harley Davidson Motorcycle to some of the most famous and exciting motorcyclist locations in the US. Cruising along on the open road exploring the many attractions and sights that Florida has to offer.  Don’t forget it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey. Staying in great accommodations along the way, where you can make much needed pit stops to recharge your batteries. You´ll ride along the coast that takes you through many interesting areas of Miami, Orlando, Daytona or Key West . Visit famous attractions such as The Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, and finally Miami Beach.

Visiting the Florida Keys is one of the highlights of this trip, it is one of the most popular destinations for motorcycleist in the world! A one hundred twenty-five mile chain of islands that will take us to the southern-most point of the United States, just ninety miles away from Cuba. This ride to Key West offers one of the most relaxing naturally beautiful and interesting areas you will visit on this tour. You will go over a seven mile bridge before arriving at our hotel near the famous Duvall street in the heart of Key West. You will have two nights to explore the unique and lay-back atmosphere of Ernest Hemingway's home town.

Make this American Adventure come true and come along for the ride... stay in the beautiful Key West, visit a large variety of bars, restaurants, shops and  historical sites. The ultimate goal of this experience is to provide you with the best motorcycle adventure possible.


  • Your choice of 3 to 7 day trips!


  • A maximum of 10 bikes per group.
  • In rare occasions there may be a few more bikes but if the number exceeds 12 you may be divided into 2 groups.


  • Florida law does not require wearing a helmet, however, they strongly recommend that for your own safety you should wear a helmet at all times when you ride a motorcycle.
  • A valid motorcycle drivers license is required, and you should feel comfortable riding in a group. No one is turned down because he/she does not have a certain amount of experience. But for your own safety and level of comfort they recommend that you do have enough experience riding a motorcycle through different traffic situations and roads.

The Fleet:

  • Your choice of any Harley Davidson model. Your motorcycle will be waiting for you when you arrive at the meet location.

Important: Adventures must booked 1 month in advance.


What kind of clothes should I bring?
Due to the mostly mild weather in South Florida, you should bring mostly warm weather gear. However during the winter months it could get a little cool so you should dress according to the season. A good leather jacket is always recommended for riding. Denim jeans are also recommended. All hotels have swimming pools so don't forget your swim suits.

After I arrive, how do I get from the airport to the hotel?
If you are traveling, you need to arrange your own transportation from the airport to the hotel (shuttle service or taxi service is usually available but must be requested to make the arrangements).

Are prices different for different Harley Davidson models?
No, all guided expedition motorcycles cost the same.

Do I have to stay with the group at all times?
It is preferred that the group stays together, however, you can take an alternate route or split from the group as long as this does not result in a change of schedule or itinerary for the rest of the group. Friendship and camaraderie is encouraged among all participants, so no one should want to part from their newly made friends and ride on their own.

Do you require certain experience to participate in a guided venture?
This activity will require a VALID MOTORCYCLE DRIVER'S LICENSE, and you should feel comfortable riding in a group. No one is turned down because he/she does not have a certain amount of experience. But for your own safety and level of comfort we recommend that you do have enough experience riding a motorcycle through different traffic situations and roads.

How much luggage can I bring?
Most Bikers will say that if it doesn't fit on the bike then it stays. Although recommended, bring one large duffle bag per person, so try to pack light. However you  will have the luxury of a chase vehicle, so a reasonable amount of  luggage is not a  problem.

What are the hotels like?
Usually stays are at major chain hotels, however this may change during special events when hotels are fully booked.

Do I need a visa for the USA?
Most countries don’t require a visa to enter the USA. Europe and Canada fall under the Visa Waiver Program and at entry you will receive a 90 day tourist visa. Check with State Department for all the latest regulations, as they are apt to change without notice. Some countries may require a visa or permit. Please make sure you have a valid passport.

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