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Drive a Ferrari F 355, the Italian lightning!

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Drive a Ferrari F 355, the Italian lightning!, Frankfurt, DE

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The engine roars, your seat trembles and you feel a tingling sensation in your foot on the accelerator. To drive a Ferrari by yourself means to take corners as if on rails. Accelerate like a jet. The dream of driving a Ferrari is at your fingertips! Take the pole position at traffic lights and impress pedestrians with the rumble of your engine.

Drive the Italian lightning! Afterwards you will hardly believe you did it.

Take the wheel of a Ferrari 355 Spider or 355 GTS. Starting with instruction in technology and security. The drive is fully insured, depending on the venue with a deductible. You will be accompanied by an experienced instructor. The fuel is included and a deposit is not required. You will have time for photos.

Duration of the Ferrari ride:
*Approx. for 60 minutes driving time depending on the venue 45 - 60 minutes
* In bad driving conditions, ice or snow your Ferrari ride is postponed
Equipment and clothing for the Ferrari-driving:
* Narrow Athletic Shoes
* If your vehicle is a convertible, we also recommend sunglasses and a hat!
Participants and spectators:
* The voucher is valid for one person. You share the Ferrari cockpit alone with your instructor.
* Spectators are welcome at the start and end point.


Minimum 18 - 25 years depending on the venue. A valid driver’s license.

Of course, also Ferrari drivers need to adhere to the traffic rules. Ferraris are pure-bred sports cars and require a lot of respect and driving skills.


Baden-Württemberg: Baden-Baden,  Konstanz
Bayern:  München, Schweinfurt
Berlin:  Berlin, Potsdam
Hessen:  Frankfurt, Fulda, Kassel
Niedersachsen:  Hamburg, Hannover,  Oldenburg
Nordrhein-Westfalen:  Herne, Köln, Osnabrück,  Paderborn, Siegen
Sachsen: Leipzig
Thüringen: Meiningen
Oberösterreich: Linz
Salzburg: Salzburg
Tirol: Innsbruck
Vorarlberg: Bregenz
Wien: Wien
Basel Stadt: Basel
Bern: Bern
Geneve: Genf
St. Gallen: St. Gallen
Vaud: Lausanne
Zürich: Winterthur, Zürich

  Ferrari F355 selber fahren | Jochen Schweizer 2014
Artikelnummer: 0929


Do I need to be proficient driving a manual transmission?

Yes, you’ll need to know on how to maneuver a manual transmission to enjoy your ride.

How fast can we go?

Normal speed limits apply. This is not a track-based or competitive event.

Can I use a mobile phone on the day?

Yes, you can bring a mobile phone with you on the day, but do not use it while driving.

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