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An Airboat Adventure

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An Airboat Adventure, Kissimmee, FL

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Anyone who likes and  considers  visiting wildlife refuge attractions or portable fishing platforms should hop on  this adventuress . Airboats are the best  way to explore  Florida`s waters. They can go where only a few have gone before. There are areas you can`t get to any other way. If they are used properly, airboats are excellent transportation. 

Air boats are powered by an aircraft engine and propeller, they can go over grassy plains, through mucky swamps, on deep water, and over totally dry ground. Airboats have 1 seat for the driver and then another seats that holds from 2 to 6 passengers. 

Enjoy the Tour that will  takes you out into the Florida swamps to experience the amazing wildlife and landscape that makes the Florida swamps so amazing. This Airboat Tour is a great way to get a quick and exciting look into the natural environment of the Florida Alligator and other endangered wildlife.

Discover flora and fauna up close and personal !


  • 1 Hour. (Adult)


  • $ 54.00 per person.

Age required:

  • 11 year old and up.


  • Amazing views of the wildlife from all seats without the crowded nature of the larger passenger "barge" type. Fast air boats with Bimini tops to shade you from the harsh Florida Sun.
  • Personal tour guide

What to wear:

  • Comfortable sports jacket
  • UV Sun glasses.
  • Shorts

How Fast Do Airboats Go? 
Airboats can reach speeds over 135 miles per hour on smooth, shallow water and can reach this speed in 4 seconds (1/8 mile), according to an article in U.S. Airboat magazine. Speeds over 60 mph in any watercraft is can be risky and is not recommended.

What kind of wildlife can I expect to see on an everglades airboat tour?
We guarantee that we will make every effort to show you as much Florida wildlife as possible. There is a good chance that you will see alligators, bald eagles, wild turkeys, swamp calves, deer, and much more! The captain has many years of experience and know where alligators and other Florida wildlife can usually be found on our nature preserve.

What should I wear?
Wear your everyday, casual clothes on the airboat ride. You can dress in shorts or pants, a t-shirt, and comfortable shoes that can be worn outdoors. A light jacket or windbreaker may also be useful to have on particularly windy days.

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