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Learn Aikido

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Learn Aikido, New Port Richey, FL

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Looking for a fitness activity which is fun, friendly and fierce? Then look no further. This Akido martial arts school combines all of these elements in a safe, structured environment.  Aikido is a world renowned Japanese self-defence class. It doesn't just help develop your defence skills; it also keeps you fit, improves your coordination and boosts your agility.

The classes are safe and fun. Open to all genders, levels of abilities and a wide age range. Classes are held in the weekdays and weekends to suit everyones schedules. Students will learn a complete system of self-defense consisting of throws, joint locks, nerve pressure points, grappling and strikes. By using the attacker’s weight and momentum, along with mind and body coordination, smaller persons can learn to defend themselves against larger adversaries, multiple attackers or weapons such as knives, clubs or guns.

Duration of Classes:

  • 90mins

For Adults:

  • 1 week, $40 for adults ages 15 and above.

Schedules for Classes:

  • Mon-Thurs, 7:00-8:30pm
  • Tues and Wed 6:30-8:00pm
  • Sat 10:30-12:00pm

For Kids:

  • 60 mins. Ages 7-14 cost $30 for 2 classes
  • Wed 5:30-6:30 and Sat 12:00-1:30.


  • Equipment if needed will be available for use.
  • Come in comfortable clothes well suited for flexibility.
  • Be aware, you will be removing shoes and socks for the class.
  • A liability waiver must be signed in order to attend classes.

Note: This promotion is for first time customers only.


Can I keep up?
Everyone is unique - we learn at different levels at various speeds. That's how you will be taught.

Are the instructors qualified?
The instructors are nationally certified who will teach you self-defense in a welcoming and safe environment.

Why no shoes and socks?
It is part of the tradition of Aikido and it allows free movement in the class.

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