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Tactical Pistol Training

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Tactical Pistol Training, Miami, FL

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This one day course will be a mixture of lecture, dry fire and plenty of live fire. You will cover the basics of pistol shooting. You will learn to align front sights with the rear sight, how to grip a 9mm pistol, the stance, clearing pistol malfunctions, drawing from the holster and tactical reloads. You will be taught to shoot in different circumstances like when you have multiple threats, while you are on the move, shooting from the kneeling position, and shooting while using available cover. 

This class requires little prior shooting experience because the instructors will be there to give you individual support and instruction. With their help some beginners outperform the more experienced participants!


  • The course is 8 hours long.


  • Maximum of 20 students per class.


  • Gear rental, 300 rounds of ammunition. 


  • Wear a sturdy belt and clothing that is comfortable. Pants, t-shirt or polo, boots or sneakers, ball cap and sunglasses are recommended. 

More info:

  • Bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
  • Bring light lunch and snacks.
  • Beverages are included.

What is the minimum age requirement?
It is 21. If accompanied by an adult the age minimum is 16, but the parent must take the class as we do not allow spectators on the range for safety reasons. 

Do I need I.D. to shoot at the range?
Yes. Bring ID passport, drivers licence etc.

What happens if it's raining the day of the class?
Class will be given in an area with a roof if it rains. Class is only stopped if there is lightning.

Can I buy more ammunition?
You can buy more ammo if you go over the 300 rounds, but remember that this is a structured class and you shouldn't need more than the 300 rounds.

May I bring my camera?
You can bring a camera. On the group classes they will take pictures and send them to all the students.

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