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Base Flying in Berlin

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Base Flying in Berlin, Berlin, DE

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Base Flying is Base Jumping for everyone!

What was previously reserved for experienced base jumpers only, is now possible for everyone. Base Flying is the latest kick for all Bungee and House Running fans and absolutely unique in Europe. You will jump from the roof of the Park Inn Hotel in Berlin from a height of 98 meters, attached to a specialized rig. After nearly reaching free-fall speed you will be automatically and safely braked at the last moment.

Jumping off into the void, your excitement level will reach new heights! Experience the kick of your life!

Duration of the experience: 

  • Total time needed including registration and briefing is about 30 minutes

Requirements physical condition and age:

  • Participation from 16 years old, but under 18 only with the written consent
  • Body weight 50 to 110 kg
  • Normal physical health

Equipment and Clothing

  • Sturdy shoes with non-slip soles
  • Comfortable, sporting clothes
  • Participants and spectators
  • Each voucher is valid for 1 person. Your fans you can watch directly from Alexanderplatz.
  • For an additional fee of 19 € (payable on the spot) you will be filmed by our team during your flight. Your will get the video on a USB stick.

Included is:

  • 98 Meter Base Flying 


  • The experience is dependent on wind and weather conditions. If due to weather conditions the safety of the participants could be affected, your appointment may be postponed at short notice.

Base Flying in Berlin | Jochen Schweizer 2014
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What is Base Flying?
Base flying experience is a horizontal freefall of 98 meters. You are secured by ropes to a specialized rig and lowered at a breathtaking speed down the front wall

Are there any medical limitations?
Participation is not possible if you suffer from heart conditions, epilepsy, increased eye pressure or certain physical limitations. Please consultation with your physician whether you can participate in Base Flying.

Can groups participate?
The facility is certified by TÜV for use only with one person at a time. If you purchase multiple coupons, the organizer will make sure your Group can fly successively.

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