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Drive a Ferrari F360

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Drive a Ferrari F360 , Heilbronn, DE

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Pure excitement for the road!
Speed in combination with power and elegance - the Ferrari F360 is like a wild bronco that needs to be tamed at each ride.
Even in neutral gear you feel butterflies in your stomach. Shift the rocker to first gear, go easy on the gas and your body starts to tingle. As soon as the Ferrari F360 gathers speed, it sticks literally to the road. This effect makes a rear spoiler superfluous, which would spoil otherwise the fantastic silhouette of the F360. Steering response is direct and precise, as if you were driving a Formula racing car.

Drive the red revolution!

Duration: Total time about 90 minutes, of these, about 60 minutes driving time


  • 60 minutes Ferrari F360 driving experience
  • Experienced instructor
  • Thorough briefing in technique and security
  • Fuel

Conditions for participation:

  • Each voucher is valid for 1 person. You share the Ferrari F360 cockpit with your instructor.
  •  Minimum age 18 - 25 years, depending on the organizers.
  • The minimum driving experience in Heilbronn, Ansbach, Starnberg, Heidenheim, Homburg and Friedrichshafen is 7 years.
  • Valid driving license, no probation period.
  • Maximum height 195cm
  • Also Ferrari drivers need to abide by traffic rules! Ferraris are pure-bred sports cars that require a lot of respect and driving skills when driven at speed.

Equipment and Clothing

  • Comfortable, casual clothing
  • Sturdy shoes without rough profile or high heels

Weather: In heavy rain, snow and icy conditions your ride in a Ferrari F360 is postponed.

Participants and spectators:

  • You drive the Ferrari F360 yourself
  • Spectators are welcome at the start and end point.

Germany: Baden-Württemberg,Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Kassel, Hannover, Oldenburg, Osnabrück, Bergisch-Gladbach, Düsseldorf, Herne, Köln, Osnabrück, Paderborn, Siegen, Drees in der Eifel, Leipzig

Austria: Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Bregenz, Wien,
Switserland: Basel, Bern, Genf, St. Gallen, Lausanne

The color of your Ferrari F360 may vary depending on the venue.
The organizers coordinate the driving dates in a rotating system, depending on the demand at each site. Therefore, sometimes there will be a waiting list.


  • Comprehensive Insurance with € 1,000 - € 5,000 deductible, depending on the organizers. No deductible in Cologne, Baden-Baden, Frankfurt a.M., Osnabrück, Hamburg, Hannover, Potsdam, Leipzig, Oldenburg
  • No deposit required time for souvenir photos
  • The color of your Ferrari F360 may vary depending on the venue.
  • The organizers coordinate the driving dates in a rotating system, depending on the demand at each site. Therefore, sometimes there will be a waiting list.

Ferrari F360 selber fahren | Jochen Schweizer 2014
Artikelnummer: 1349


Where do I drive and can I determine the driving route myself?
Depending on the organizer a drive on state roads and / or highway is provided in the route planning. The organizer will discuss the exact route with you to fit your needs, providing it fits in the time window (60 min.)

Can I be picked up in the Ferrari?
Normally you start your trip at a central meeting point where the ride also ends. In exceptional circumstances and by prior agreement a pickup can be arranged for an additional charge of 1,50 €  per kilometer. You can discuss this with the organizer at the time of your booking.

Do I drive myself or does someone else do the driving?
In this experience you take the driver’s seat.

Are passengers allowed?
Unfortunately not. When driving the Ferrari F360 you are only accompanied by a coach.

Is there a mileage limit / time limit?
In this experience there is no mileage limit, but the driving time will be somewhat shorter or additional charges will apply if the route is mainly on the freeway. The normal time limit is 60 minutes.

How fast can I drive?
You drive on the roads as fast as it is safe and the road traffic regulations allow.

What happens in bad weather?
In icy and snowy conditions the experience must be postponed.

What is the minimum age to participate?
Depending on the venue and for insurance reasons the minimum age is 20 to 23 years. Just ask our service team after the minimum age requirements.

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