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Hot Air Ballooning

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Hot Air Ballooning, Baden, DE

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Experience the most elegant way of traveling in the sky

Ballooning is pure magic: meditative, refreshing and downright uplifting! No wonder that one of the first hot air balloon German pilots was a woman! Wilhelmina Reichard first lifted off in 1811 - and did it many times after. Don’t miss this adventure to start from scenic surroundings into heaven. Glide over forests and fields, rivers and lakes and enjoy the serene view and quiet, only interrupted by the occasional hiss of the burner.

Climb into the basket and go up, up into the sky!

Duration of the balloon flight:

  • Total duration of assembly and dismantling 3 to 4 hours
  • Flight time is about 60-90 minutes

Included is:

  • 60 to 90 minutes balloon ride
  • Experienced pilot
  • Transportation back to the starting point
  • ​Your balloon ride provider  is a licensed air carrier. Depending on the weather and wind conditions the take-off can be changed at short notice. This decision will be taken by your pilot.

Conditions for ballooning:

  • Suitable wind speed and wind direction
  • ​No thunderstorms
  • No precipitation
  • Wind under 7 knots and gusts up to max. 10 knots
  • Because of the thermals balloon rides start at sunrise or 2 hours before sunset during the summer months

Conditions for participation:

  • Minimum age 12 years
  • Minimum height 1.20 meters
  • We recommend that people with certain medical conditions like cardiovascular or lung disease, recent operations or pregnancy avoid unnecessary risks and consult a physician before participating.
  • To avoid exceeding the load capacity of the basket, individuals over 100 kg or couples over 200 kg should contacts the organizer prior to booking.


  • A balloon ride is always subject to weather conditions – in gusts of wind, rain or snow ballooning is not possible.When in doubt, contact the provider before you leave home to your adventure.
  • Equipment and clothing for the balloon ride
  • Comfortable, weatherproof clothing
  • Flat shoes
  • Hat and sunglasses depending on 

 Participants and spectators:

  • Each experience voucher is valid for one person.
  • The experience takes place in groups. The group size varies depending on the load capacity of the basket.
  • Spectators are welcome at the start or landing field! Spectators may also follow the  balloon recovery vehicle.

Ballonfahren | Jochen Schweizer 2014
Artikelnummer: 0074


How many people can fly?
Depending on the venue a different number of people can ride in the basket. When making an appointment, please inquire with the provider about the size of the basket in that location

Do you fly all year long?
Some locations offer flights all year long.

Is it cold in the basket?
Due to the hot air from the burner, the temperature in the basket during the winter months is similar to the one on the ground.

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