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Gift Certificate

FlyinFox experience gifts


FlyinFox Gift Certificates are the easiest and most memorable way to gift. They will never expire and have unsurpassed flexibility.

We sell two types of Gift Certificates:

1. The Experience Certificate:

The Experience Certificate is redeemable for the particular Experience you have chosen for your recipient. This Gift Certificate will never expire, but it should be used before the Use Date stated on the Certificate. If redeemed after the Use Date, price changes may apply for the chosen activity. In that case you have two options: You may pay the difference during Checkout, or call us to change the Certificate for a Universal Certificate that can be used for any experience on our website at any time.

To buy an Experience Certificate, go to an Experience on our website and click the BUY NOW button.

2. The Universal Certificate:

This Gift Certificate offers total flexibility and lets your recipient have the fun of choosing any Experience shown on our website. The Certificate shows a Use Date of 5 years after purchase. For your security it will be deactivated after that date. To reactivate it for future use, you can call or email us.

If the chosen Experience does not match the exact value of the Certificate, there is no problem. If the value of the Experience is lower, the remaining balance may be used for the purchase of future Experiences. If the value of the Experience is higher than the Certificate, you will need to pay the balance during the Checkout process.

To buy a Universal Certificate, click here or click the Universal Certificate button on any of the Experience pages.


You were given a Skydive Experience, but decide you would rather fly a Helicopter!

You have let the Use Date pass and did not redeem your Certificate on time!

With FlyinFox there will never be a problem! Just call or email us and we will change your Certificate for a Universal Certificate that can be used for any Experience on our website, at any time.

Phone: 727 697 7696, 813 364 2802

Email: support@flyinfoxgifts.com